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Author, Dan Casey, lives in Shelby Twp - his practice is in Bloomfield Hills


Protect your retirement nest egg from increasing taxation NOW.


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  • Know your Balances – You'll learn to get the exact balances you should have in your retirement accounts  and your non retirement balances to reduce or eliminate taxation.
  • ​Company Plan Contributions - If you aren’t getting a company plan match, should you stop contributing?  You'll get the answer.
  • Social Security Strategy - You'll learn exactly what you need to do to make your Social Security tax free.
  • Social Security Taxation - You'll learn just what you need to know about this complex area of the tax code.  And you'll learn how to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that it's taxed differently than EVERY OTHER INCOME.  This is so easy, you'll be kicking yourself.
  • Standard Deduction Strategy - Use the time frame between retirement and RMDs to take money out of your retirement accounts tax free.  The book will tell you if this is possible for you.
  • ​Long Term Care Insurance - Learn how to get this important coverage for pennies on the dollar!

Dan's Tedx talk in Wilmington Delaware

Step-by-Step Process

Dan speaks all over the United States and now he brings is no nonsense financial talk to you and your family in easy to understand terms.

Start positioning your money now using Dan's step by step process to reduce or even eliminate taxation in retirement!

You don't need a financial advisor or a CPA - you can do this yourself!

The Indispensable 2021 Retirement Guide

Secret #1:

How to keep your Social Security tax free - the way it should be!  Once you learn how easy this is, you'll be kicking yourself!

Secret #2:

The best strategy to TAX DIVERSIFY before taxes go up.

Secret #3:

How to get long term care insurance for a fraction of the cost!  There is a reason most people aren't aware of this.  Don't be THAT person.

Secret #4:

How to protect your legacy from draconian government law changes like the SECURE Act that began 1/1/2020.

In Retirement, Mistakes are Hard to Overcome!

Straight From The Desk...

Hi, my name is Dan Casey, I've been a Financial Advisor in Bloomfield Hills for 20 years and I'm obsessed with making sure retirees have the BEST retirement plan possible.  This means I never stop researching and implementing strategies that are in their best interest.
I want you to have this powerful book so you can start the process of making sure your money lasts in retirement!

The Unbelievably Confusing Landscape of Retirement Taxation Can Give You an Awful Case of 
'Paralysis by Analysis'!

As a financial advisor, it's amazing to me how confusing the retirement tax landscape is.

Social Security is taxed on provisional income, non retirement accounts are taxed based on current income and/or capital gains taxes and retirement accounts are taxed even different than that!

And keeping your eye on taxation is even more important than ever!

Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the Great Recession, TRILLIONS of dollars have been pumped into the economy.
This will, with almost certainty, result in higher taxes. How much will your share be?

Read this book and make sure your money lasts!

Option #1

Continue as you are.  Wonder if you or your current advisors are doing EVERYTHING they should be to get the government out of your pocket.  

In retirement, mistakes are
HARD to overcome.

Option #2

Download the book and get started instantly getting the Government out of your pocket!
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